What do you know about the law of attraction?

Law Of Attraction

Most people know very little but there is a small subset of people who are learning more about their inner self. What is the inner self you may be asking? The inner self is the opposite at the outer self, and is essentially the part of a human that does not die when the physical body dies. This part of your being can only be discovered through careful inner reflection and meditation.

I first realized I had both a physical body and a soul about 15 years ago. Since that time I have been working diligently on cultivating a stronger relationship with my innermost being. The physical body can be seen as our “earth suite” and vehicle to experiencing this place of existence, but there is more another world out there. The inner most being can only be cultivated and expound upon through meditation, deep breathing, and things like yoga. All these ancient forms of meditation are classical ways to reach deep inside ones self to improve the outer.

Now everyone knows that at some point the human body dies. I believe your body is truly your temple and that you should take care of it the best you can while you can. With that said, your body does have a certain useful life and it will not go on forever. This is not the case with the “soul” or “inner self” of the human. This is the part of you that carries on long after this world is done. How will this part of your carry on? Maybe a question you are asking is are going to heaven or hell? These are all natural things when one starts contemplating the reality of their own death and our souls move into the next plain. In fact, some would argue that the next world is nearly touching the current one.

The people that move onto the next plane are still right here with us, we just can’t see them. So how does all this relate to the art of wealth generation. Generating great wealth is not an easy task and those who do it usually do so at great expense to their social life and time. Building or developing anything in this world is usually at the expense of time. One of the biggest things we can do is spend our time building wealth that has a passive component too it so we don’t have to always work. The law of attraction and vibration can help us do this if we choose to follow the steps. Please note, these universal laws are by no means a quick fix to wealth. The very existence of these laws is the proof that building great wealth is never quick and never easy. The reason these laws work so well is essentially you are training your mind to do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

The truth is that it will take everything you have and more to make it in this world. If your lazy, stupid, or just plain dumb your chances are very limited. The law of vibration says that you will attract the people and things that vibrate at the same frequency as you. If your constantly in a negative state of vibration than your entire existence will be spent moving closer to people in that similar state. If someone is very positive and spends any deal of time with you in a negative vibration, most likely they will begin to avoid. Think about it this way why would a happy person want to be around someone who is negative all the time? The truth of the matter is they wouldn’t want to be. The opposite is also true when discussing the law of attraction. In fact, Bob Proctorteaches that the law of vibration is the foundation that all other laws are based on. I find this statement to be true because you can say positive affirmations all day long, but if your state is negative they won’t work.

Affirmations and receptive self improvement techniques are only effective when the mind is convinced that it’s the truth. In fact, one of the key ways to build great wealth is to actually imagine your already wealthy. The reality of the situation is that you will have to take it much further beyond imagination and actually believe that you are wealthy. The process of building a great fortune is to convince yourself that you already have one! Your subconscious mind will then spring into action and create the reality you have envisioned. Some people may hear this and just can’t believe this is true, but history says otherwise. The truth is, in Napoleon Hill’s great book Think and Grow Rich he talks about the process of finding this great universal laws. Basically, what he did was travel around the world interviewing the greatest and most successful business people of all time. Napoleon Hill also studied these men and didn’t just listen to what they said, but listed to what they did. He followed them around and dissected their recipe for success. In the end his conclusions where shocking to most people. Napoleon Hill found out that all, not some, but all great leaders followed the law of vibration and attraction principles. They not only follow these great teachings but they lived them day in and day out.

The other factor is most of these men were very hard workers and seldom deviated from their plans. They had a definite goal and purpose in mind and they essentially did everything it took to accomplish that. The fact that they were so confident and definite in purpose means that they couldn’t be stopped. The other big factor that he noticed in all of these men was persistence. These guys would have small set back in their life but that would never stop them from pursuing their dreams. A set back was nothing to these men and they charged forward daily pursuing these pursuits.

After reading this great book Think and Grow Rich and Bob Proctors book You Were Born Rich I really learned how to take charge in my life. I have learned even if your not immediately successful with the law of vibration that is just more reason to try harder. If you really want to reach your goals you can never stop trying. For some people it will happen quickly, for others it will take some time, but the secret is persistence.

If you make your mind up to remove limited beliefs you will reach the promise land in your life without question. If you want some more training make sure you look into he writings of people like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor. You can also research the term law of vibration and listen to what other trainings have to say. It’s very critical that you master this definition so you truly know how to apply this in your life. It would also be wise to start working on your breathing and meditation. These things are really the key to unlocking your inner self and building the life you have always wanted to create.

I’d also like to share one of Bob’s new courses that he just came out with and it is Magic In Your Mind. It packs all of Bob’s best advice into one powerful program. I have included a review video below that I found on youtube. Be sure to take the time to check it out as Bob doesn’t promote bad products. Be your own judge.

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